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Literary Topic Research: Books

The place to start for literary analysis.

Finding Books

To find books in the Macdonald-Kelce Library you will need to search the Online Catalog. Use the following strategies to tailor your searches more precisely:

To find a specific book 

  • Search by the exact title (omit any article, "the/a/an" which start the title. For example, use "great gatsby" not "the great gatsby" and in "Find Results In" select" Title Begins With..."

To find works written by a specific author 

  • Search by author last name first name (steinbeck john) and in "Find Results In" select "Author Browse". 

To find works written about an author or a work (i.e., criticism, interpretation, biography)

  • Search by author or title and under "Find Results In" select "Subject Browse".
  • There may be multiple "headings" which result from a subject browse. Choose the one that most closely fits your interest and has the largest number of titles. For example:


The library has three Ebook databases. Log in to Esearch for full access.



Example of Book Selections for Literary Analysis

These examples include:

  1. The original work to be analyzed and researched
  2. A biographical work which explores the author life at the time the book was written
  3. Collections of criticism and interpretation