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Literary Topic Research: Books

The place to start for literary analysis.

Finding Books

To find books in the Macdonald-Kelce Library you will need to search the Online Catalog. Use the following strategies to tailor your searches more precisely:

To find a specific book 

  • Search by the exact title (omit any article, "the/a/an" which start the title. For example, use "great gatsby" not "the great gatsby" and in "Find Results In" select" Title Begins With..."

To find works written by a specific author 

  • Search by author last name first name (steinbeck john) and in "Find Results In" select "Author Browse". 

To find works written about an author or a work (i.e., criticism, interpretation, biography)

  • Search by author or title and under "Find Results In" select "Subject Browse".
  • There may be multiple "headings" which result from a subject browse. Choose the one that most closely fits your interest and has the largest number of titles. For example:


The library has several Ebook databases that give you access to works of literary criticism.

Log in to Esearch for full access.





Example of Book Selections for Literary Analysis

These examples include:

  1. The original work to be analyzed and researched
  2. A biographical work which explores the author life at the time the book was written
  3. Collections of criticism and interpretation