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World Religions: Books

A guide for researching religion, faith, or spirituality

Books on Religious Topics

Find these books on the 2nd floor in the Main collection and search for more in the Online Catalog.

Online Catalog

Find books by searching the Online Catalog.


Browse the shelf in the Call Number range related to your topic.

Call Number Range


BJ 1188-1295

Religious Ethics

BL 1-50

Religion (General)

BL 51-65

Philosophy of Religion

BL 70-71

Sacred Books

BL 74-99

Religions of the World

BL 410

Religions in Relation to one Another

BL 42-490

Religious Doctrines (General)

BL 660-2680

History and Principles of Religion

BM 1-990


BP 1-610

Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.

BQ 1-9800


BR 1-1725


BS 1-2970

The Bible

BT 10-1480

Doctrinal Theology

BV 1-5099

Practical Theology

BX 1-9999

Christian Denominations

For a more complete list of Call Number ranges consult the Library of Congress Classification Outline.