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Introduction to Library Research: Citations

Library handouts and a video presentation on starting your research using the resources at the Macdonald-Kelce Library at The University of Tampa.

Why Cite?

Citations are a necessary component of academic research. Citations not only spare us from accusations of the dreaded "plagiarism," but even more importantly they allow the reader (and your professors!) to fact check your information. How do we know what an author says is true? We do so primarily by the citations researchers use to support their argument.  This is what makes scholarship scholarly! 

Useful Websites

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue (OWL Purdue) - Writing help

MLA Formatting and Style Guide (OWL Purdue) - Citation guide

APA Formatting and Style Guide(OWL Purdue) - Citation guide

Chicago Manual of Style - Citation Guide - Information on all government agencies, federal, state, and local officials, laws, and policies

MKL Subject Guides - Specialty databases on every subject

Books on Research


RefWorks is a bibliographic management tool to help you in every step of your research. With a simple drag and drop system, RefWorks allows you to save and format your citations, as well as upload .pdfs directly into your list.

Check out the RefWorks Guide to learn how to use the new software. If you are new to RefWorks, you need to sign up with your Spartans .edu email account. It's easy and will save you a lot of time!