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Institutional Repository: MFA

A guide to get you started on formatting and submitting your completed papers to the University of Tampa's Institutional Repository

MFA Thesis

As part of the requirements for the degree, students must complete a master's thesis, a substantial manuscript of original work in a selected genre. For more information about the MFA program's curriculum, please click here.


Creative Writing Guide

Click here to explore the resources and services available to you from the Macdonald-Kelce Library. Discover how to find books in the catalog, learn about our loan process for MFA students, locate journal articles in the literary criticism databases, and more.


MFA students at The University of Tampa have an option to embargo their work when submitting to the repository. This means that you can choose to permanently restrict access of your work to The University of Tampa community, or place a 1, 3, or 5 year embargo on the work, making it available only to the University community for this set time, before releasing it freely on the web through the repository. Students also have the option to make their work freely available online through the repository immediately.

Click on the PDF to see a sample ETD (Electronic Thesis/Dissertation) agreement.

The Writing Life

Photo by Tom Stohlman