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Art, Design, and Art History: Finding Books

A guide for students researching in the areas of fine art, art history, design, digital arts, and architecture

Library of Congress Call Number Guide for the Arts

Visual Arts N

Architecture NA

Sculpture NB

Drawing, Design, Illustration  NC

Painting ND

Print media NE

Decorative Arts NK

Arts in General NX

Photography TR

Costume, Dress, Fashion GT500

Dance GV1580

Book Design Z116

Subclasses of N's ( For example: NC997-1003 Commercial art. Advertising art )

New Art Books

Finding Art Books in the Library

To find a particular artist, use the Online Catalog, and type in the artist's name beginning with their last name. Select "Subject Browse" from the menu, then search in order to get a clear list of books by the artist, books about the artist, exhibition catalogues, critical readings, interviews, DVDs, and catalogues raisonnés. Here's a search for "Warhol, Andy":

Tip: Use to find books we don't have in Macdonald-Kelce Library. The book may be at Hillsborough County Public Library, or at USF, where you are able to check out books. 



To find a book by subject or artistic movement, type in keywords and do a basic keyword search, or select "Subject Browse" to choose from a more granular list. This is helpful because sometimes the search term that's cataloged is slightly different from the one you choose. Below is a search for the early 20th century art movement "Dada." The subject list shows "Dadaism" as the cataloged term.