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Communication: Home

A guide for communication majors starting their research.


Communication is one of the top five majors at the University of Tampa and is the largest and fastest-growing department on campus. This Research Guide is a tool to get you started and provides some basic information regarding the field of communication.

* learn about the areas of study in the field of communication at UT

* find books and media

* search for articles

* find speeches and debates

* check out recommended websites

* learn about media centers

* explore professional organizations

* get extra help

The Communication major

Here at UT the Department of Communication is part of the College of Arts and Letters.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication is a versatile blend of theory and practice, made up of core courses in four categories: Culture and Society, Visual Aesthetics, Writing, and Production as well as a diverse selection of electives. Whether a student feels most at home with a camera or a pen, on a computer editing, or with a team creating marketing strategies, the communication department features the flexibility, guidance and experiences for successful career development. Research and critical studies provide contexts for practicum work and foundations for graduate school.

Communication majors have entered careers in sales and marketing, advertising, public relations, and broadcast journalism, or pursued graduate programs in law, business, media arts, or other fields.

Culture and Society

Some UT classes in the field of culture and society:

Mass Media and Society

Documentary Tradition

Principles of Advertising

Principles of Public Relations

American Cinema

World Cinema

Introduction to Organizational Communication

Visual Aesthetics

Some UT classes in the field of visual aesthetics:


Digital Arts

Visual Literacy

Modern Art

Digital Imaging

Information Design

Introduction to Graphic Design


Web Design

3D Animation


Some UT classes in the field of Writing:

Media Writing

Script Writing -- Motion Pictures and Television

News Reporting and Writing

Writing for Broadcast News

Multimedia Journalism

News Reporting and Writing


Some UT classes in the field of Production:

Introduction to Sound, Image, and Motion

Studio TV

Online Production

Narrative Production

Digital Imaging