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Macdonald-Kelce Library

About the Macdonald-Kelce Library at the University of Tampa: Printers, Scanners, Copiers, etc.

A User's Guide to the Macdonald-Kelce Library

Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Photocopiers

For more information on printing outside the library, please see the Campus Technology Page.

Have questions? Please contact the Computer Lab Coordinator at Campus Technology: Jennifer Tanács - jtanacs [at]

In the library we have:

  • Three B&W printers 
  • Two color printers
  • Two scanners, one connected to a desktop and one stand up scanner


All computer work stations are connected to all library printers, and computers should default to the closest printer, as well as default to double-sided printing. All printers, except the two in the front lab, print only in black & white. The two color printers in the library are in the front lab in the Library. See below for printing tips.

Black & White copies: 15¢ / double-sided page

Color copies: 50 ¢ / double-sided page

Note: NO WIRELESS PRINTING We are not set up to connect your personal computer to a printer or scanner. Printing and scanning can only be done from the desktop computers set-up in the library.


At the beginning of each semester students have a 30 dollar ($30) printing balance. When those funds are exhausted students may add money to their account via the printing pop-up box "Spartan Print" on the desktop when you log into any computer (click "details"). This will prompt you to a page where you may add money to your account.


To address printing errors and printing charge reimbursement follow the same steps as above to locate and fill out an electronic dispute form.


There is one BookScan Station next to the Reference Desk and one scanner connected with a computer nearby.


The library currently has no copiers available. Please use the scanners and then print your documents.


The library does not have a FAX machine. There is a FAX machine available for student use at the campus Bookstore located in the Vaughn Center.

Printing Tips

How do I print single or double sided pages?

Under File in the Print Menu under Settings there is the option to “Print One Sided” or “Print on Both Sides.”

How do I get my PowerPoint to print 3 (or 6) slides to a page?

Under File in the Print Menu under Settings there is the tab “Print All Slides” which allows you to choose how many slides (1-9) will be printed per page. You can also choose to print an entire PowerPoint presentation or pick specific slides.

How do I NOT print a dark background when I print my PowerPoint handout?

In order to NOT print the colored backgrounds on your slides, select “Pure Black and White” in the last tab which is defaulted to “Color.”

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