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Professional Skills: Interviewing

This guide offers support for students working on their professional skills, and helps international students navigate the process for working inside the United States.


Whether you're an interviewer or an interviewee you can help yourself by learning strategies for both sides. Check out "Interview Strategies" at our business database Prendismo Collection (log into Esearch). (At the Prendismo Collection choose the Explore link from the top row and then choose By Theme from the drop-down list. Choose the term Interviewing in the tag cloud. There are several worthwhile sets, but if you only have time for one watch "Interviewing Strategies.")

Tips on Interviewing

  • provides you with sample questions and mock interviews so you can be better prepared when you go in for an interview.
  • Career Know-how provides some good interview tips.

How to be a Better Interviewer

Even if you are interviewing to be hired, rather than interviewing people to hire, you can learn from what interviewers go through when thinking about what questions to ask.

There's lots of good advice on how to interview people for employment in these brief articles from Inc. Magazine. includes an "Interviewer's Guide" to help you ask the right questions when you are looking to hire.

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