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Case Study Analysis

Usually based on a real business or social problem, case study analysis requires you to apply your knowledge and experience. Here are some tips and resources to help you navigate the case study analysis assignment.


Case study analysis is a learning method that forces students to become the decision makers regarding their case.

Students are given challenges in a specific field, industry, situation, corporation, etc. where they must problem-solve the issues.

There are many unknowns in case study analysis so students have to go "out on a limb" and select what they believe to be the best solutions to the challenges of the case. 

Solutions require evidence and synthesis that can only be developed by doing thorough library research.

This research guide is written for both students and faculty. It provides resources both groups can use when engaged in case study analysis. While case study analysis is used most often in business education those engaged in the case study analysis method in the social and medical sciences will also find this guide useful.

This guide will...

define what a case study is 

* help you to get started finding case studies to use

* instruct you on how to analyze and write about a case

* offer you additional help

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