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Macdonald-Kelce Library

History: Background Information: Reference Works

A guide to help you locate books, scholarly articles, and primary sources as well as citation guidelines related to historical research.

Reference Books

The Reference section is located on the first floor of the library. Reference works are a good place to begin your research, focus a topic, and pick up on significant people, events, themes, aspects, and terminology. Typically these are not the sources you will cite but are ideal in gathering background information, breaking a large topic down, and identifying keywords to use in database searches.

Daily Life Through History Database

The Daily Life Through History database features:
• "Compiles information from over 45 Greenwood single- and multivolume reference works
• Idea Exchange sections provide students with the opportunity to model their research writing upon thesis-driven, peer-reviewed essays, posing questions such as "Is 'the family' an essential requirement for a stable society?" and "How was the life of the common person most affected by the Industrial Revolution?" 
• Video and audio files, maps, and images offer fascinating insights into history"



There are three databases available through the library which provides access to Ebooks. Log in to Esearch for full access.

A Sampling of History Ebooks

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