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English Literary Criticism

The place to start for literary analysis.

Literary Criticism

Expand your research beyond the scope of the work of fiction you are reading.

Seek out:

  • author interviews
  • critical works about the author
  • analysis of the genre
  • relevant historical matter
  • articles on theme and topic

To do a cross-search of multiple library databases, start with Summon below. Type in your search terms and you will get a long list of books, eBooks, academic articles, newspaper articles, and much more.

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Literature Databases

Log in to Esearch for full access to the library databases.

More Databases

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a useful source for research and is appealing for the familiar Google search box, but keep in mind it has some limitations:

  • Google Scholar is not comprehensive and does not provide indexing to many of the scholarly journals available through the library databases which can bias your research and limit your exposure to the body of research available.
  • Not all results are from peer reviewed sources. You will need to critically evaluate materials found through Google Scholar.
  • Many results are not available in full text through Google Scholar. 

Google Scholar features:

  • Cited by: This link will give you a list of works which cited that article. This can help lead you to more sources.
  • Related Articles: This link will bring up results on or related to that subject.
  • Google Books: Search results include books available as previews or for free.
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